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Playing Gear

Distance drivers.

1-170 Champion Wraith: This is my main driver. I use it for no wind/tail wind distance. Long flat hyzers. 400’+

1-174 Champion Boss: I use this for maximum distance backhand and sidearm in any wind except strong headwind. 450’+

1-175 Champion Excalibur: Big head wind distance

1-175 Star Max: Extreme head wind distance.

1-175 Evol. Sprit: Mega overstable, any sidearm shot

Fairway drivers

1-174 CE Eagle: Long flat hyzers up to 350’ any wind except strong head wind.

1-175 Champion Banshee: Extreme head wind up to 300’

1-170 9x KC Pro Banshee: Long turnovers

Mid Range

1-175 Champion gator: Extreme head wind up shots

1-180 Champion 4x Climo Roc: Stable midrange any kind of shot.

Putt & Approach

1-175 Monkey BB Aviar: No wind/tail wind upshots/drives up to 300’

1- DX Avair P&A Short turnover upshots

2-DX Monkey BB Avairs: Identical main putters


Lake Bella Vista park - Bentonville, AR

Horseshoe canyon - Jasper, AR

Prairie Center Park - Olathe, KS

McCauley Park - Nixa, MO

Dankwardt Park - Burlington, IA


4-States Open - Joplin, MO

Little Big Show - Neosho, MO

Horseshoe Canyon Fest - Jasper, AR

Q & A

Home Course: Tom Watkins Park

Number of Aces: 3

Longest Measured Throw: 500’+


Short term- become a more consistant player. Place in the top 3 in every event this year.

Long term- Win Worlds and step up to pro.

Memorable moments: My first ace, My first win(Horseshoe Canyon Fest), shooting 9 down at the Nixa Freeze


Best advise is to find someone better than you and play with them every chance you get, don’t just play listen and watch, there is a reason they are better. Learn to throw the disc you have, get comfortable with them, don’t constantly change them up. Get ahold of USDGC or Worlds DVD’s and watch the pro’s play. Drive for show, Put for dough, Doesn’t matter how good the drive is if you can’t make the put, Practice, Practice, Practice.

Additional comments:

First and foremost, I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. I thank God for the gifts He’s given me. An awesome wife who also enjoys the game, and supports me all the way. And of course my sponser, Russ Burns for taking the time to show me the game, allowing me to be a part of his team and for being a good friend.

Player bio

Division: AM

PDGA#: 37859

Home: Springfield MO.

Years playing: Less than a year

Born: 10/28/82

2008 Events: 6

Rating: 872


Playing Gear

Distance Drivers:
1 Star Destroyer: I use this disc when I am throwing distance in a tail wind(400 plus ft). I also like to use this when there are longer turnover shots.
1 Star Xcaliber: I use this disc to for very windy days. Whenever the wind is howling I use this disc to fight any head winds that may get in my way. (Any long distance shot with wind)

Fairway Drivers:
1 CE Teebird: I use this for anhyzers and turnovers (350ft and under).
1 Champion Teebird: The Champion bird I use for straight shots or Hyzers shots (300ft-400ft).

3 Rocs: One 2002 CE, 1 Champion Roc, 1 DX Roc All have special use based on stability, some for hyzers, straight shots and anhyzer.

Putt & Approach:
4 putters: 1 ten time KC Pro Aviars, 3 nine time KC pro aviars, ten time for approach shots, the 9x is my primary putting disc.


Lake Bella Vista

Bella Vista, AR

Lake Fayetteville

Fayetteville, AR

Water Works

Kansas City,KS

Horseshoe Canyon

(must play)


Black Hawk

Tulsa, OK


SN Championship

Little Rock, AR

Oklahoma Open


Monkey Island Open - Emporia, KS
Green Country Dubs Tulsa,OK
Little Big Show - Neosho,MO
4 States Open - Joplin,MO
Hell on the Border - Ft Smith,AR

Q & A

Home Course : Lake Fayetteville

Number of Aces : 80+

Longest Measured Throw : 580'

Short term goals: Push my rating over 980, to cash in every event I play in 2009,Win the Arkansas State rep position to USDGC.

Long term: To win an A tier tournament as a pro, compete on a consistent level, and become a top pro.

Memorable moment:
My most memorable moment in disc golf had to come from when I was an AM. In 2004 I won a C-tier (Dovillo ousted), B-tier (Stillwater Classic) and an A-tier (Oklahoma Open) back to back. That was one of the best touring seasons I had as an AM. There is no great feeling then winning a big tournament and I hope Ii can do that again as a PRO.

My advice to any player who is just starting would have to be never give up. If you get the chance to play with someone who is better do it. I learned almost everything I know today by watching other players. This game is about 90% mental and 10% physical. The only way you can get better is to keep practicing as much as you can.

Additional Comments:

I would like to thank my Lord and savior for giving me the ability to play this game, my wife Shannon for all the support she has given me, my doubles partner Dasun for always pushing me to play harder, and My sponsor Russ for giving me a chance to be apart of Team Monkey

Player Bio

Division: Pro Open
PDGA#: 21238
Home: Springdale,AR
Years Playing: 7
Year Born: 1982
2008 Events: 13
2007 Earnings: $1427
Rating: 978
Fact: Monkeys can’t swim
Dominant Hand: Right


1st Green Country Doubles
16th Southern National Disc Golf Championships

2nd Pay it forward Northshore Invitational


1st Ben Geren Blowout

1st Northshore Invitational

3rd Hell on the Border

6th Pdga Amateur Disc Golf World Championships


In my bag:

Distance Drivers: 170g star Destroyer 175g champion Destroyer for the 400ft plus drives, 175g star Excalibr 172g champion Excalibr for head wind drives 1- 175g Wraith

Fairway Drivers: 2-165g & 2-172g champion Firebirds for long hard hyzer & short hard hyzers champion 1 175g & 2-170g Teebird champion for the finesse shots 1-175g leopard for anhyzer

Mid-Range: 2 champion for mid hyzers Rocs 2 Dx Rocs mid anhyzer

Rollers: 2 champion Sidewinders Putt & Approach: 2 KC 12X Aviar


Winthrop - Rockhill, SC. (USDGC course)

La Mirada - La Mirada, CA

Lake Bella Vista - Bentonville, AR.

Emerald isle - Oceanside, CA.

Q & A

Home Course : Lake Bella Vista, Bentonville, AR.

Number of Aces : 3

Longest Measured Throw : 465ft

Goals: for 2009 increase player rating to 975, qualify for 09 USDGC, cash at a major

Memorable moment: Teeing off at 08 USDGC as the AR. State Rep.

Advice: Focus and remember we're not as good as we THINK we can be, we're as good as we KNOW we are.

Player Bio

Division: Pro Master

PDGA#: 23642

Home: Gravette, AR.

Years Playing: 7

Year Born: 12/9/63

2008 Earnings: $1100

Rating: 955

Fact: He has risen

Dominant Hand: right



Pro master: 1st Lake Bella Vista open

1st spring fling #5 > 2nd spring fling #6

1st Lucky shot the Links

1st Northshore invitational

5th AR. State championships

3rd Alma greens

4th Hell on the boarder

2nd Horse shoe canyon fest

Open: 1st AR. USDGC qualifier


Pro master: 4th Northshore inv.

2nd OK state championships

3rd Hell on the boarder

2nd Horse shoe cyn fest

Open: 1st Dale Roberts memorial


Adv. Master: 1st Ben Gerin blow out

1st northshore inv.

50th World Am championships

Adv. Am: 4th Alma greens

Pro master: 2nd Eddy bowl

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