The 15th Annual Lebanon Ice Bowl Recap - Feb 25th, 2023

The 15th Annual Lebanon Ice Bowl Full Recap

125 Players played the 15th Annual Lebanon Ice Bowl. All were treated to the best weather ever for a Lebanon Ice Bowl! Almost no wind to speak of, lots of sunshine and blue skies, and high temperatures in the mid to upper 50’s were welcomed by everyone! There were some swampy places from the rain we had a few days prior and the water added a “pond” on hole 1 on the Winfrey course, but these were minor inconveniences. The courses were very well groomed except for some evergreens that were cut and will be burned off soon. The Wyota Village Chain Banger Club did an incredible job raking and blowing out leaves from the fairways through the woods! This was much appreciated and I speak for everyone when I say a big thanks to all of you.

I definitely want to take this time to give a big “thank you” to all of these people for putting in a lot of time and effort into making this event happen: Brad Hilton, Brandy Monnahan, Dan Newlin, Pamela Collins, Rollin Clamme, Ryan Shockley, Chris Ryan, Steven Wilson, and Jerry McGinnis. Everyone mentioned helped with food, course maintenance, sponsor gathering or a combination of all. If you get a chance give them a shout of thanks when you see them. I also want to thank our sponsors again: Lebanon Parks & Rec, Patriots Gold & Silver (Jeff Ford), New Key Realty, Keen Motors LLC, Denny Rhoads Drywall, and Dan Newlin. It’s definitely easier when you have local support!

Both courses were used and we split the fields between the JHM course and Winfrey. The Recreation division had 30 players and Intermediate had 35. These two divisions made one group with all other division making up the second group. Rec & Int started on Winfrey purse in the morning, while the others played the Jared Hilton course before switching at lunch. A Chile and Hot Dog lunch was served courtesy of the folks mentioned earlier.

During play there were 2 Aces. Chris Neff (hole 8 JHM) and Cody Williams (hole 16 JHM “the mound hole”). Not only did they get to split the $360 Ace Pot, they also received a $100 each from Dan Newlin who agreed to donate $100 to each player for their aces, and also gave $100 to the charity! Well played guys your great drives put $200 more toward L-Life! Super cool idea Dan, thanks a bunch!

$2,606 was raised this year with approximately 150-200 lbs of food. This will all be distributed to L-Life Food Pantry very soon. Thanks to everyone for your efforts in making a difference in helping feed the hungry in the Lebanon area. Feeding the hungry was the goal Rick Rothstein had when he began the Ice Bowl many years ago. You all rocked this year’s 15th Annnuka Lebanon Ice Bow! Thank you so much!!

Worth noting, Bryan Pitman won the Monkey Trap in the raffle! No excuses for poor putting now! Congratulations.

There were 6 Doubles Teams on Friday:
1st Place: Triston & Drake
2nd Place Tie: Andrew & Smith and Austin & James

There were 11 Divisions this year.
For full results please visit

The Rec Division was super close with only one stroke separated 1st and a 3 way tie for 2nd. Dustin Guinn-Ingram’s 111 held off Nick Sheppard, Corey Chaney, and Greazy Dyes Chase Luster 112 finishes.

You wouldn’t think it could get much closer than the Rec fields finish, but the Int division was even closer. There was a 4 way tie for first between: Christian Polivich, Brendon Rost, Timothy Taylor, and Peyton Wallace. All of them shot 103’s. Worth noting, Drake Ford was only one back with his 104. Christian won in a play off.

The MA60+ was taken down by Jeff City’s Stan Balke. Stan 2nd round was where he pulled away from Mike McBee and John Parsons. Stan won by 4 shooting a 105.

No stranger to the winners circle, Darrin Dodson won the MA50+ division by 5 over Jeff Ford and by 7 over Clint Klupka.

Marry Abbott blistered a 57 first round rolling to a convincing win shooting a total of 119. Tina Gilltrap finished 2nd shooting a 137, and Korie Klupka finished 3rd with a 141.

It was Chris Neff shot a total score of 105 cruising to an easy win shooting a 51 in his 2nd round adding 9 strokes to his 1 stroke 1st round lead over Jeremy Surratt.

Advanced winner Ethan Keuhn shot a 49 first round that gave him a significant lead as he cruised to his final score 101 win. The battle for 2nd was taken by Tristan Stark who’s 107 bested Jacob Fulhorst by a stick.

MP50+ was won by local hero Dan Newlin who shot a -6 103. His 49 first round gave him the early lead by over Rick Kapalko (2nd Pl) Doug Wiegand (3rd Pl).

The MP40+ was dominated by Dasun Keylor’s -13 performance. His drives were solid and his putting was fire. There was however a battle for 2nd as I had to shoot a 47 to over come my 3 stroke deficit that Justin Mount and Christopher Douglas had stacked on me. They finished tied for 3rd.

FA1 was taken by local Brandy Monnahan’s. Her 116 total bested Millie Cowgill 8 strokes. Brandy mentioned that Millie had a few tough breaks especially a low putt that hit and rolled OB. Tough break but these two will battle again soon I’m sure.

Brock Rohler shot a pair of 45’s finishing at -19 for the tourney. 2nd place Dustin Banks, who shot a very respectable -16 was able to hold off Alexander Lemley and Cory Anderson who
Finished in a tie for 3rd with a pair of -14’s.

Congratulations to all the rest who cashed. I hope to see you in a few weeks at the 15th Annual Lucky 13 in Republic, Missouri. Until then many aces and birdies!

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