Bethel Bowl is Tomorrow Saturday the 26th! - Jan 25th, 2013

What is in store for us at the Bethel Bowl?

A similar question was asked yesterday so I decided to write some things down.

Pre Game: The course will be open for play by 8:00. Registration Open at 8:00 and closes at 9:30 (The first 25 paid registrations will be entered into a raffle for a Big Bird Roc III. Tee Off will be at 10:00.

The Course: First there will be 2 Rds of 12 holes that I feel are unique to the area. The elevation is definitely deceptive. Although there are no mammothly long holes, the terrain and Bunkers seem to make a few holes play longer than they are. There will be a cross to land in right in front of hole #7. If your drive lands in the cross you get to subtract one stroke (think Grace)! There will be a sweet hanging basket, and an island hole. There will be mulligans available for a $1 ea. or 12 for $10 (only 6/round may be used).

Lunch & Raffle: There will be a free hot dog and chile lunch provided to all players. At lunch time we will begin to sell sell raffle tickets. An Innova Discatcher Sport basket, a few Roc III's, 2 special edition in colors (one signed by World Champ Eric McCabe), an unreleased KC Team Innova Aviar with a thumb grip (a Dave Dunnapast special), and more.

Closing Time: We will have a small Ring of Fire followed by the pay out. There will be both, 1st Run and Big Bird Roc III's available for Pay Out. There will also be several of the new Dynamic Discs plastic available as well!

This should be a great time of playing the sport we love while helping two awesome causes. I hope to see you all there!

  • Innova Disc Golf
  • Elephant & Castle Fine Arms
  • Dynamic Discs
  • Patriots Gold and Silver LLC
  • Fossa
  • Creator Designs
  • Millennium golf discs
  • Discmania
  • Discs Unlimited
  • Intuitive Body Works & Massage
  • Greazy Dyes
  • Todd Exteriors, LLC
  • Kinney Billiards and Games
  • EDGE