Pitt Open Update - Jul 27th, 2011

We are down to single digits for the 1st 45 Pre-Registers who will get the bonus in their players pack. Don't sweat it though, there are plenty of spots for the tournament. It is exciting to see that there are 10 Open players pre-registered along with a strong Recreational and Intermediate divisions shaping up. There are about 6 Advanced so far, and I think this number will grow. If your not registered look down at the previous post, and follow the directions. It's easy and painless. If you hit an Ace on one of the 3 Monkey Traps while wearing a 2011 Tour T, or 2011 Tour Polo, or hit the ace with a 2011 tour disc, you will enjoy a crisp $100 bill. Good Luck!

If any of you have items to put into the EDGE Raffle, it would be greatly appreciated. There is a basket as always (Innova Discatcher Sport) and an Innova Carrier bag up for grabs along with several other prizes. I have been asked multiple times how people can help out...This is an easy way for players to give back to the an awesome cause of promoting disc golf. I wish I had a dollar every time I heard someone say, “I wish I would have started playing when I was younger!” We can't go back, but we can give kids now a chance to do just that! Almost all of us who have played several tournaments have things we don't need or use; discs, shirts, minis, towels, bags, baskets (ok the basket is pushing it but you know what I mean). Here is the chance. Bring donations for EDGE. I truly believe EDGE is helping promote the sport at the right level...to our kids! Thanks for all you who support!

If there is anyone in the area close to Lamar, MO who is interested in teaching kids disc golf, Kevin Elrod, Kevin Carder, and myself will be instructing nearly 90 kids from the AOK camp the sport of Disc Golf. We will be at the City Park in Lamar from 9 to about 12:30. If you think you can help please give me a call.

See you all at Pitt!

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