The Disc Golf Monkey's #1 Board of Directors Pick...Mike Solt! - Jul 20th, 2011

As many of you know, I have been silent when it comes to voting on issues or people in regards to the PDGA. This year I have chosen to break my silence because I have had the pleasure of getting to know one of the candidate who is running for a board. Mike Solt, or as most know him as just “Solt” , has been a friend for the past few years. Although we met years ago in Kansas, it has only been a few years that we struck up a cyber friendship that has grown into an almost brotherhood relationship. Sharing many of the same views and being passionate about the sport of Disc Golf, was the start of us hitting it off. Solt's great attitude, listening skills, problem solving ideas, and great personality have helped me personally look at things in new light and have helped me personally and my business. For this I am forever thankful!

Mike reached out to me and “picked my brain” about events, merchandising, and a few other subjects that pertained to Disc Golf. Solt quickly jumped in holding a couple events, launching a web site, and starting his company Mr. Disc Golf. I don't think I had a lot to do with his leaping, because he was eager to do something in the very first time we spoke. His tournaments are incredible according to the numbers, quick pre-registration filling, and being a part of them. He has found a balance of taking care of the Ams, while still attracting the attention of the Pros. I found it surprising how many people Solt new in the Disc Golf community even before he was running events or had started Mr. Disc Golf. I often comment to friends that he knows more people and has more contacts than any one I know in the game. I think this is a great asset for a board member.

I pointed out on my web sight that he was the true driving force that helped me organize the Joplin Relief Effort, and with out him I don't think it would have been as beneficial for the 5 disc golf families. He never passes on a chance to help proving that not only does he love the game, but he is morally sound as well!

Solt is a Husband, Father, Disc Golf Enthusiast that I see as a player, tournament director, business owner, and a true all around Ambassador of the game. What is amazing is how well he does them all! If you are unclear about who to vote for, or you are just going to vote for the sake of doing so, I would encourage you to vote for my friend Mike Solt for a board of directors spot.

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